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Jennifer DeCarlo maintains strong connections in the field of photography through her work in commercial galleries and as a writer. She established jdc Fine Art in 2011, a gallery dedicated to contemporary photography. Prior to opening the gallery she worked as the assistant Director at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago. Ms. DeCarlo earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and writes for the international photography association AIPAD.

As a seasoned reviewer, Ms. DeCarlo is critical but fair. Depending on where the work is in process, she is able to help artists evaluate and reflect on completed work or pause to sharpen work in progress. She is most interested in reviewing narrative, figurative work, but welcomes seeing other work that explores the creative potential of photography.





Roy Flukinger is the Senior Research Curator at the Ransom Center of The University of Texas at Austin, where he has served as a curator since 1977. He has taught and lectured at The University as well as at a variety of other organizations and institutions. His most recent publications were on Arnold Newman and on the Center’s Gernsheim Collection, and he has just completed co-curating a gallery-wide exhibition on the Magnum Photos collection this past fall. He consults with a variety of institutions and researchers; serves as juror, reviewer and evaluator of contemporary events, groups and support organizations; and continues to assist in research, management and development matters for the department.


He is interested in viewing portfolios of work by both contemporary artists and documentary photographers which reflect both originality and maturity of approach and execution. Additional attention is often paid to bodies of work that reflects a sensibility to historical themes and processes, or to innovative directions in the aesthetic and technological growth of photography.


The Ransom Center was founded at The University of Texas at Austin in 1957, and its Photography Department was established in 1963 with the purchase of the Gernsheim Collection. Since that time the collections of the department have grown to an estimated five million photographs, from historical to images by contemporary artists.




Aline Smithson is a photographer, educator, editor, curator, and juror who is interested in all aspects of the photographic journey.  She is represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and her work has been published and exhibited around the globe.  In 2007, Aline founded LENSCRATCH, an online site that features the work of a different photographer each day.

As the editor of LENSCRATCH, I am looking for cohesive bodies of work that are well articulated with a statement of intention. Over the years, Lenscratch has provided a platform for thousands of photographers, sometimes launching a body of work to new heights and garnering international attention for the work.  As an educator, I am happy to see work in progress and give feed back on the shaping of the project. As a curator for the Los Angeles Center of Photography (and other venues), I am looking for work that brings something new to the photographic dialogue, work that sparks new ways of thinking about photography. I am not interested in seeing work that is over sharpened, over saturated, or lacks intention.